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To encourage you to try two of our new cheeses we have put special pricing on the following cheeses ~

Brie De Meaux

Brie de Meaux is a soft, cow’s milk cheese that delivers a very quiet combination of hazelnut and fruit aromas. During the course of the milk’s transformation, it’s the molding step that is most important: it is done by hand, by filling the 20 cm (8″) molds with successive thin layers, using a “Brie shovel.” After draining on reed mats for about 18 hours and being salted with dry salt, the cheese is transferred to ripening cellars for between 7 and 9 weeks.


The cheese is ivory in colour with a soft and elastic texture. A purplish layer of tasteless liquid ash, horizontally separates the cheese. It has a slight aroma plus a rich and creamy flavour.