Roquefort Fondue:

Roquefort Fondue:

For your cheese the rule of thumb is 200 grams per person if it is your main dish and 100 grams per person if the fondue is an appetizer

Note: this fondue mix is spooned over the accompaniments, not for dipping


2 tsp butter for every 100 grams of cheese
2 tbsp dry white wine for every 100 grams of cheese
1 tsp Cognac for every 100 grams of cheese
Roquefort or other blue veined cheese
Fresh ground pepper
A pinch of Mace for every 100 grams of cheese
(Mace is a spice made from the waxy red covering which covers nutmeg seeds. The flavour is similar to that of nutmeg, and is available in most supermarkets.)

Preparation and cooking:

Melt butter with wine and Cognac in the fondue pot.

Crumble and cube cheeses and add to pot

Heat on stove top on low until cheese melts. Do not boil!

Stir in pepper and Mace

Transfer pot to table top burner set on low heat

Ladle over your accompaniments, French bread or bun, which have been sliced and arrange on your plate. This of course you will eat with a knife and fork!