About the Cheese Man

Welcome to the Cheese Man website.

The Cheese Man is both, a wholesaler/distributor and retailer of fine cheese.

Cheese has been sold from our North Vancouver shop, since 1978.

As a local family run company our trade mark is great cheese, great prices and great service.

Passionate about cheese, we carry a wide selection of both international and domestic cheeses.

Our range of over 100 cheeses and other
complementary products have been carefully sourced
and have survived over 30 years of scrutiny by our
discerning customers.

Our international selection includes cheeses from Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland. Our domestic selections are from British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

We have your usual parmesans, goudas, bries, and cheddars, but we also have plenty of choices that you will just not find in your usual places. There are 12 different blue cheeses, nine different goudas, nine different cheddars, a wide range of soft, creamy, stinky and strong flavoured cheeses, as well as, 4 different sheep cheeses and 7 different goat cheeses!

Most of our cheeses are cut from wheels in portions dictated by you, the customer.

When asked we also provide pairing suggestions for wine and food as well as put together amazing cheese platters and selections for any occasion.

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